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Compliance & Certification


Please visit our sister site at www.tft-certification.com for more information about TFT Woodexperts Limited's own specialist third party certification scheme for wood and wood-based products.

Other Quality & Compliance Services

Woodexperts can help you to design and install a quality system that will:

  • Help you to meet the requirements of clients and specifiers
  • Improve the efficiency of your production facility
  • Help to increase your profit margin

We can help you with:

  • ISO 9000/9001 Quality Assurance
  • Factory Process Control (FPC) Systems: for example, as required for CE Marking
  • Independent 3rd-Party Product Schemes
  • Tiling battens to BS 5534
  • Scaffold boards to BS 2482
  • Post & rail fencing to BS 1722 Part 7

If you have any type of timber or wood-based product that you want to be “QA Marked” - either to a relevant Standard, or to an assured level of quality – then talk to us at Woodexperts. We will design and install a Quality System that will reassure your customers and make your product stand out from the others by carrying a 3rd party certification mark when audited by a Certification Body, such as TFT Certification.

The Woodexperts Approach to Legality, Sustainability and Certification

We all know about Sustainability and what a good thing it is - and how timber can, and should, be used sustainably wherever possible.  A lot of people know about FSC; and some have even heard of PEFC: but do you know about the merits of FLEGT? In many ways, FLEGT (pronounced "FLEG-T") is the best form of sustainability warranty you can get, for your timber and wood-based products...Why?  Because, unlike FSC and PEFC Certification, which are purely voluntary Schemes, FLEGT Certification is underpinned by the law!
So what exactly is FLEGT?  It is a licensing scheme instigated by the EU, to ensure that robust and fully-enforceable rules governing forest management and harvesting, with sustainable objectives, are not only in place, but that they are being constantly monitored, to ensure that they are being properly enforced.
And who has a FLEGT Licence?  Indonesia currently has the only fully approved FLEGT Licence to export timber and wood-based products to the EU (and of course, the UK) which are proven to be both legally and sustainably grown and harvested - by law. And that (Indonesian) law has been thoroughly checked and tested by the EU: with many trial shipments of FLEGT wood products having already been shipped to the EU and the UK, prior to the EU approving full "FLEGT Status" to Indonesia.  And Indonesia is currently the only country in the world to have been awarded that FLEGT status.
All of the Indonsian plywood which is Quality Certified under our Woodexperts' Diamond Mark Scheme (administered through licensing agreements with TFT Certification) therefore has the absolute guarantee that the Indonesian forests where the wood originates have been legally and sustainably harvested, through good forest practices that are bound into Indonesian law and which are regularly checked by Government inspectors. And that is no mean feat: for an entire country to satisfy the EU that its forest practices can - and do - work properly, all of the time.
So the next time you look for sustainability - go legal, not just voluntary: and insist on FLEGT  - checked at source by the government!  And better still, insist on buying "Diamond Marked" Indonesian plywood, to ensure that you are buying good, lasting quality, as well!
JANUARY 2021: Please note that plywood from the Jinlun Mill in China is no longer licenced to apply the Diamond Mark. Any supplies received from that mill since July 2020 will not be validated by TFT Certification.