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Technical Help

Woodexperts provide technical assistance in all aspects of specification, design and consultancy in wood; as well as additional professional skills to help your company develop.

Please explore the sub-headings above to find specific information about some of the areas in which we can provide technical assistance.


We can give you technical help and advice on the following topics:

  • Hardwoods: properties and uses
  • Softwoods: properties and uses
  • Wood-based board products: Manufacture and uses
  • Wood Species Identification
  • Moisture Content specification
  • Wood Machining problems


We can give you technical help and advice on the following topics:

  • Structural Engineering design and calculations
  • Architectural designs and drawings for timber
  • Detailing of timber structures and joinery components
  • Condition Surveys prior to refurbishment


We can give you technical help and advice on the following topics:

  • Selection of approved components for Timber Decking
  • Technical advice on Decking Installation and Design

We can help you with technical information about the correct specification of wooden fence posts, rails and panels, to the relevant sections of BS 1722.

  • We can help you to achieve an acceptable Quality Assurance Scheme for Fencing
  • We can train your staff to produce Post and Rail Fencing to the correct grade and quality, as specified in BS 1722-7

These are essential factors in meeting the requirements of the Highways Agency, so that you can get onto their Tender List.


We can give you technical help and advice on the following topics:

  • Condition surveys
  • Inspection of problems relating to materials or workmanship
  • In-situ grading of timber members
  • Moisture Content surveys: everyone who uses timber should know its moisture content!
  • Dry rot and woodworm surveys


TFT Woodexperts can help you to design and install a Quality System that will:

  • Help you to meet the requirements of clients and specifiers
  • Improve the efficiency of your production facility
  • Help to increase your profit margin

We can help you with Factory Process Control (FPC) Systems: for example, as required for CE Marking; and independent 3rd-Party Product Schemes including:

  • Tiling battens to BS 5534
  • Scaffold boards to BS 2482
  • Post & rail fencing to BS 1722 Part 7
  • Plywood to BS EN 13986

If you have any type of timber or wood-based product that you want to be Quality Assurance Marked - either to a relevant Standard, or to an assured level of quality – then talk to us at Woodexperts. We will design and install a Quality System that will reassure your customers and make your product stand out from the others.


Woodexperts have the expertise to help you win Chain of Custody Certification from FSC and PEFC - and we do the work for you!

Training your Staff to understand the significance of Chain of Custody and their vital role in making it all work properly

  • Helping you to understand and comply with EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation) and RPP (Responsible Purchasing Policy)
  • Evaluating your processes, systems and documentation to see what you need to add or improve
  • Preparing you for the Certification visit and Audit
  • Helping you to prove your “Green” credentials
  • Helping you to get on those all-important Tender Lists
  • Helping you to win more business in the future from Government and Local Authority contracts